7 Best Hosting Services To Host Node.js App In 2024


Are you looking for the best Node.Js hosting service to get a faster response time for your web development project? You have reached the right place to know some of the top web hosting providers that support Node.Js open-source environment to execute Javascript.

Before getting into the list of Node.Js hosting servers, let me consolidate its benefits to feel that you are on the right track in buying the best hosting server for your business website to tweak its performance.

Why Node.JS Hosting?

Here are the best benefits of Node.js hosting that support your decision to purchase a reliable server for your web application development.

  • 1-click Node.js support and instantly ready to use
  • Easy to scale the resources as your customer base grows
  • Provides caching modules to reduce the code re-execution
  • The server can manage multiple requests with a low response time
  • Free application configuration support
  • Reduces page load and supports A/B testing
  • Offers cPanel graphical interface
  • Less hardware is required to handle the load
  • Free SSL and CDN integration

Now, look at the best-recommended Node.js hosting services through a tabular column.

3 Excellent Node.js Hosting For Faster Web Applications

Node.Js Hosting

Special Features

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Google C2 Machines, Premium Tier Network and GitHub Deployments 


Contains Node Js package manager to download & manage the modules

A2 Hosting

Easy Node Js Setup and Turbo servers for high-speed performance 

Top 7 Node.Js Hosting Services For super Fast Performance

I have made this list based on how easy it is to deploy, handle and scale the Node.Js applications. Also, I picked the best Node.Js hosting services that offer excellent uptime, high security, and 24 x 7 tech support so that you can focus on your web development project with high productivity.

1. Cloudways


Cloudways is the best hosting that provides the Node.js feature in its hosting plan with Node.js Package Manager (NPM). This NPM manages many js script modules for various web applications used in the web pages.

Cloudways uses tools like Bower and Grunt for various purposes like Node.js module management, its compilation, and running for frontend web applications. The Angular JS tool uses MVC (Model View Controller) framework to construct your web applications with many JavaScript features. 

This type of hosting can be beneficial in eCommerce websites and their functions like faster product display and payment processing. Its faster API access helps to achieve faster conversion in eCommerce websites built with Cloudways hosting.


  • Cloudways hosting uses 50+ data centers for faster content delivery to their users.
  • The CDN used here has many nodes in its network; Node.js is used for the data computation. 
  • It uses REST API for Codeigniter, YII framework with MVC architecture
  • It provides Application-level issues support like plugin error, server investigation
  • Proactive Application Monitoring support
  • Built-in advanced cache servers like Memcache, Varnish, Nginx, and Redis for faster performance.
  • HTTP2 support between servers and clients
  • Auto healing in managed Cloud hosting delivers website availability without any crashes.
  • CloudwaysBot, Cloudways API for monitoring
  • Add-ons for migration, SMTP, application Upgrade, email Rackspace and DNS support.
  • Cloudways $30 highest discount is available

2. Kinsta Node.js Hosting


Kinsta is a premium cloud hosting provider powered by Google Cloud’s Premium Tier network coupled. Their platform features isolated container technology and the fastest C2 machines available across 25+ data center locations.

Kinsta’s Node.js hosting provides a scalable, developer-centric, and easy-to-use solution. Users can connect their GitHub accounts with Kinsta’s dashboard and deploy projects automatically. Kinsta offers unlimited crons, and for speed and security, users benefit from their enterprise-level Cloudflare integration with advanced DDoS protection and a CDN network with 275+ POPs.

Internal connections to databases hosted with Kinsta’s Database Hosting solution help increase speed and security further, on top of providing a cost-effective solution. By utilizing internal connections, users are not billed for internal traffic or bandwidth, which means scaling your application is a breeze.

To offer a user- and developer-friendly environment, they provide a custom-built dashboard to allow customers to configure build machines; track bandwidth, build-time, runtime analytics, and resource usage (CPU and RAM); and access 24/7 expert support.


  • Automatic deployments from GitHub
  • Internal connections with Database Hosting
  • Distribution managed across Google Kubernetes Engine machines
  • Usage-based pricing
  • Support for domains with custom SSL
  • 24/7 support
  • $20 off the first month of hosting

3. A2 Hosting


A2 hosting provides Node.js run time JavaScript environment for frontend web applications and their development. For example, we can create a web application in Node.js using Cpanel and a Command-line interface.

We can create a new web application using the Setup Node.js app icon in the software section of the A2 hosting Cpanel. Creating a new apps folder in the domain root can create web application packages or HTML elements for the new application. Then run the application Via NPM (Node.js Package Manager) to install the app for usage.

Using the command-line interface for new app installation and running is also possible. A2 Hosting uses Cloudflare CDN for faster performance if an application created with Node.js has much faster than other web applications.

The Node.js environment easily accesses the high Volume APIs and high-content websites in its web hosting server. JavaScript packages in Node.js can access the data hosted on SSD devices.


  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support for Node.js hosting
  • 200% Faster execution of JavaScript web application
  • 99.9% uptime commitment with reliable JavaScript websites
  • Completely risk-free and Money back guarantee
  • 2x Faster on initial page load time to the users
  • Lite speed cache used in the server makes it 20x faster in SEO commitments.
  • SSD storage with free website migration
  • QUIC is used for faster network data access by UDP protocol instead of TCP/IP.
  • One-click applications for WooCommerce, Magento, Open cart, PrestaCart, AbanteShop, and PayPal merchants are also available with faster performance.

4. DomainRacer


DomainRacer is an independent, smart back-end solution for various environments and languages, including Node.js. It is the best option for easily scalable cloud-based best Node.js hosting platforms. That allows you to upgrade your plan and handle plenty amount of traffic. Here you get guaranteed server uptime that could positively affect your online presence.

The main motto of DomainRacer to provide affordable node.js hosting services is to make the technical aspect easier for beginners and experienced developers. Well-balanced top-notch technologies and outstanding user-friendly 24/7 customer support is their top priority.

All low-cost node.js hosting services have unlimited SSD and full administrative control panel access. So you have the freedom to install and run your applications on the server operating system. DomainRacer offers a free complimentary backup process with the opportunity to restore all valuable data.

Worried about security? Don’t be; DomainRacer enables highly advanced security tools like Imunify360, Firewall, Magic Spam Protection, and more. To protect your site information data from harmful crises. They also take care of your search engine ranking and enhancing user experience. By furnishing hosting plans with a unique Free SEO Tool. That helps to make your website google ready.

Avail of extreme power, high performance, and state-of-the-art security at your fingertips with a customized, cheap node.js solution at DomainRacer.


  • Auto-scaling of applications to run Node.js efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Cutting-edge 21x fastest loading site performance with LiteSpeed technology.
  • Fully integrated and flexible platform to host your Node.js app.
  • Free let’s encrypted SSL to secure connections from a web server to a browser.
  • Robust server-side processing with well-customized server infrastructure.
  • SEO-friendly hosting environment for the better uplifting of people reach.
  • Worldwide IV tier multicoated server location (spread your business globally)
  • Standardized best-in-class security with high-tech control measures.
  • Compatible with any language framework, make it developer-friendly.
  • Seamlessly easy integration of node.js setup with quick accessibility.
  • Satisfactory assistance for any runtime issues by dedicated experts.
  • Improves privacy and substantially performance HTTP/3 & QUIC protocol

5. Heroku Hosting


Heroku Node.js platform is mainly used in data-intensive web application developments like data computing and manipulation. The computing and manipulation of data are used in business analytics and tracking customer and product sales. So, we can use Node.js and its application for business-to-business models where the data is mostly computed.

It uses Node.js to define the web application and list of packages needed to execute the faster access of data from the database to the web application by deploying the code and finally running the web application by its Dynos.

Heroku is a fully managed data service in web applications like business analytics and resource tracking. It uses a single-threaded event-driven loop to execute web applications so its asynchronous function can achieve faster performance with API.

This best Node.Js hosting offers three tools to manage data-intensive web app development: data delivery, storage, and data transfer. Heroku Postgres, Heroku Redis, and Apache Kafka achieve these functions. Heroku Node.js is the best data-intensive event-driven platform for business applications.


  • Mainly focused on web applications than data routing for faster access
  • First Class GitHub integration for data storage, Delivery, and transfer
  • It uses Binary deployment to roll back data retrieval during the breakage. 
  • New Relic APM used for monitoring and troubleshooting the Dynos
  • Easily create apps and connect databases for access
  • Good Plate form for app development and scaling

6. Hostpapa Hosting


HostPapa uses the Node.js platform for server-side operations like real-time web applications and single-page web applications like Live Chat, Monitoring, Site audit, and Tracking. The Node.js hosting uses JavaScript to read dynamically and writes the data faster than the normal web hosting with PHP script.

It can be used on the client side using a frontend interface like a mobile application by writing simple JavaScript packages to your server data. A managed Cpanel used for creating email accounts, installing web applications like WordPress, business analytics ads, etc. It provides a maximum of 12 Core CPUs with 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD storage, and 8TB data transfer for hosting with a standardized solution to a faster website loading experience.

Hostpapa used for business uses several tools for its business operations like web admins, SEO audit software, and affiliate tracking software. This software needs high RAM capacity and a high-end CPU core for processing. In addition, this hosting type reduces website downtime. 


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Root access with 2IP addresses
  • SSL encryption with High-level SSD storage
  • Softacolous with 400+ apps
  • 30 days Money-back Guarantee
  • Faster response to real-time applications like mobile apps
  • Faster Single page application like SEO site audit.

7. Milesweb Hosting


Milesweb Hosting offers Node.js service for its cloud VPS hosting and its wide distribution of data centers. So we can easily set up Node.js apps for its cloud hosting platform. Milesweb server uses a packages manager and process manager for its Node.js operation with the help of NPM and Yarn.

The process manager has the level of operation from NPM, Forever, and Supervisor or PM2. All the web apps are created using Node.js at any one level. All the code development changes and its update are automatically implemented in the application with the deployment manager. We can use SSH implementation for FTP, SFTP, and CLI to manage Node.js in miles web hosting.

Milesweb Node.js uses fast availability and scalability of the webpage using NGINX or HAProxy load balance and TCP for traffic load balance in its server. The other features are below.


  • Latest Stack version delivery with Docker Container
  • Integrated monitoring system used for overload maintenance
  • SSL encryption and Proxy servers used for 100% availability
  • We can manage Node.Js apps with NPM and Process manager
  • 12 core CPU with 24GB RAM, 2TB data transfer, and a dedicated IP
  • 24×7 support system with professionals

Node.Js Hosting Q & A

1. Which Hosting Is Best For Node.Js?

Many hosting services have a 1-click Node.js installation option; however, I prefer either Cloudways or A2 Hosting for high-performance servers.

2. What Does The Cost Of Node.Js Hosting Include?

You don’t need to pay anything extra for the Node.Js optimization. If you go with Cloudways, you may have to spend $10 per month, which is reasonable for getting premium hosting.

3. Which Is The Top Node.Js Hosting India?

Miles Web is the right choice to host Node.Js apps in India.

4. How Do I Host A Node Js Server For Free?

Several free hosting providers of this type exist in the market. But I would suggest you pick premium hosting for lightning-fast performance.

Wrapping Up – Which is the Best node for JS Hosting?

If you deal with server-side web applications using JS instead of PHP or Python, getting exceptional Node.Js hosting is ideal for deploying, running, and scaling your Node.js applications. It is one of the reliable hosting types that offers an excellent server response time.

Out of these Seven best Node.Js hosting services, I highly recommend Cloudways and A2 Hosting as they focus on providing the fastest server with low response time. Besides, they offer air-tight security, daily backups, excellent scaling, and great tech support for their users.

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