GreenGeeks Vs HostGator – Which Hosting Wins in 2022?


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Are you puzzling with a question, GreenGeeks Vs HostGator, which is the best hosting to launch the business sites and blogs?

Well! Surviving in the blogging industry over more than a decade, I can guide you to pick the better one with which you can perform well and beat your business competitors.

Many site owners think that GreenGeeks and HostGator contain the same features and pricing plans, and their services are almost similar.

But, it’s not true!

I should admit that both are known to be amongst the best services for web hosting and have played a major role in the achieved success and accomplishments of several large-scale companies.

However, GreenGeeks hosting has enhanced its features and server quality to provide outstanding service and complete satisfaction for its customers.

I got a great opportunity to test the performance of both hosting servers and wanted to make a comparison between the most looked-for features of both companies that would help you in making a better choice.

Before beginning the detailed war, HostGator Vs GreenGeeks here is a quick yet helpful comparison in a crystal-clear tabular format.

GreenGeeks Vs HostGator – A Quick Comparison







Free Site Migration



Back Up

Free Nightly Backup

Auto Backup

Web Storage Space



Email Accounts



Free SSL (Auto Renewal)



SSD Based Servers



Security Features



WordPress Hosting Price



Built-In Advanced Cache



1-Click WordPress Install



Money Back Guarantee

30 Days

45 Days

Free Trial



Chat & Ticket Support

Good & Fast

Needs Improvement

Why GreenGeeks?

You may buy the GreenGeeks server without any second thought for the following benefits!

  • GreenGeeks is the best eco-friendly hosting powered by 300% renewable energy that helps us keep the web green.
  • It uses the latest technology like LiteSpeed, MariaDB, PHP 7, LSCache, CDN, and HTTP/2 to make your site load blazing fast.
  • Well suitable for newbie bloggers and business startups because it is easy to start and offers cheap pricing plans with a free domain and unlimited email accounts.
  • Almost everything like webspace, data transfer, databases, and email accounts are unlimited here.
  • Setting up WordPress is just a piece of cake with GreenGeeks, one of the best managed hosting solutions available anywhere.

Not only these benefits but also if you check my in-depth GreenGeeks review, you will come to know all its exceptional qualities.

Why HostGator?

Get HostGator for the below reasons!

  • HostGator has super easy systems and provisions for maintaining the Backup of files that can be accessed anywhere and anytime.
  • WordPress cloud hosting is available. Moreover, individual file access is easy.
  • The refund policy offered by the service is better than other services in the market, which makes it a great option for hosting.

GreenGeeks Vs HostGator – An In-depth Comparison

Here are the most striking features of both the hosting companies that would give you a good idea about the better choice.

1. Speed

Speed is an extremely important factor which is one of the deciding aspects for a good hosting service. The faster the hosting speed, the faster the pages and websites would load. The pace at which your website functions is dependent on the webserver, which is decided by the hosting company.


GreenGeeks, a web host platform, offers a handful of latest technologies, which help in enhancing the services for you. It comes with built-in services such as LiteSpeed, LSCache, MariaDB, HTTP/2, PHP7, and free CDN. Being a regular user of GreenGeeks, I can assure you that the speed with which the service operates is unbelievable.

Also, the Solid-State Storage Arrays, which are made accessible for you, are highly helpful in improving the site loading time. It also assists in growing the redundancy to the maximum point.

Check the speed score of GeenGeeks that we have attained for one of our niche blogs!



Like GreenGeeks, HostGator also has the supercharged speed to load your webpages lightning-fast. Even though their cloud hosting has low-density servers, multiple caching layers, and CDN, HostGator performed slower than GreenGeeks for us.

Yes, its speed performance is not much impressive and it needs improvements.


Speed Test Score



Google Page Speed



Loading Time



Verdict – In the speed war of GreenGeeks vs HostGator, GreenGeeks offers a lot of more technical options for advancing the speed of the web servers as compared to HostGator. We are happy about the GreenGeeks swiftness score.

Winner: GreenGeeks

2. Uptime Performance

Just like Speed, Uptime Achievement is also an important characteristic of web hosting. If a hosting service has a high uptime rate, it indicates that the server is in good condition, and it will make your site highly functional so that it will run almost all the time on the internet.


The GreenGeeks company boldly claims that it offers 99.9% uptime performance. This rate of uptime is high and is often referred to as more than average. The performance of this hosting service has been extremely high, especially in the last 12 months.

It has a reliable system of uptime record that helps you to maintain 100% site availability, According to me, the claims made by GreenGeeks are true in its complete sense, as I am highly impressed by the regular and uninterrupted uptime achievement that I have enjoyed.

Have a look at the GreenGeeks Uptime performance!



The HostGator ensures that they can make your site stays up with the maximum uptime 99.9%. If their shared or reseller server performance falls down to 99.90 percent, they will return the one-month credit of yours, which is much appreciated.

Sadly, we met the downtime issue for a few minutes and yes, it makes us disappoint because we might lose some potential clients or subscribers. When it comes to reliability, Hostgator needs some development so that they can retain their customers.

Here is the uptime score of HostGator that we have received last month!








Verdict – As GreenGeeks has a consistently high rate of uptime performance, and also, as it comes with a bunch of extra features and benefits, it is fair to predict that it is better than HostGator and wins this battle round, HostGator Vs GreenGeeks.

Winner: GreenGeeks

3. WordPress Optimization Features

WordPress Optimization features refer to the multi-level approach, offered by the services towards WordPress that includes several tools and technical features which the guidance towards improving the website’s performance.

It is considered better than the usual hosting systems, as it also provides an option of managing WordPress side by side. Well, let’s see what comes out in this HostGator Vs GreenGeeks war.


GreenGeeks hosting provides several options to manage WordPress that adds to the benefits of this hosting provider. It includes amazing features listed below.

  • Changing the images size
  • Instant cleanups
  • Inspection of mobile elements
  • Selection of appealing themes
  • Enables caching
  • Installs security options


HostGator, on the other hand, has many other options that would help you to manage WordPress. These qualities are

  • Automatic WordPress updates
  • Protection against WordPress specific attacks
  • Auto backups with easy restoration
  • Offers templates and plugins
  • 1-click scalability to handle traffic spikes

Verdict – Both GreenGeeks and HostGator hosting contains WordPress optimized servers.

Winner: Both

4. CDN

The CDN takes a complete account of the content and statistics of your website, which is provided and visible throughout the globe. The closer the CDN server is to web, the faster would be the website’s load. Also, there are more features that are provided to you when the CDN server is closer to the web.


For your ease and betterment, the GreenGeeks provides a free service for CDN hosting. GreenGeeks uses the best hardware technologies and networks that are available on the internet, which makes the websites with GreenGeeks faster than the other websites.

It automatically caches the statistics and content of your websites, which naturally makes the websites quicker.


In HostGator service, earlier they have partnered with Cloudflare CDN and now, they have specified that they have a CDN feature. The content delivery network quality of HostGator is unclear.

Verdict – With different hardware and technologies are used in providing the CDN services; the GreenGeeks hosting service is better than HostGator.

Winner: GreenGeeks

5. Green Hosting

As the web hosting services consume a lot of energy and power while proving 24/7 services on the internet, Green Hosting refers to renewable sources of energy that are employed by server services, which helps to give back the resources that are consumed to the environment.

It can involve a variety of renewable energy services, including hydroelectricity and wind power, which are generated from natural resources.


GreenGeeks is the leading eco-friendly web hosting service provider, which gives back more than three times the energy which is utilized by the service. It gives back the energy in renewable energy form.


If you are a HostGator client, it is obvious that your services are already green and eco-friendly. It allows you to reduce the carbon emissions, and hence, assist in providing green hosting services to more than 1.3 million clients.

Winner – The amount of energy that is given back to the environment is considerably more by GreenGeeks as compared to HostGator hosting service. Hence, GreenGeeks is an amazing option for shared and cloud web hosting.

Winner: GreenGeeks

6. Customer Support

In terms of Shared and Cloud hosting, customer support is considered to be the most important factor while selecting the perfect hosting provider for oneself. A good customer support mechanism is extremely helpful for you, as it can assist in resolving your technical queries and issues on the go.


GreenGeeks offers several modes of customer support. There is a Live Chat option that can be easily accessed to get rid of their problems without any hesitation. There is a feature for phone support as well, where you can directly place a call to the company’s agents.

I don’t have any bad experience with the GreenGeeks support team as they are always available, knowledgeable, and helpful. I have been assisted well until now!


In HostGator, there are several options that are made available for you to utilize. It has the live chat option to put in your queries 24×7. The company has a brilliant team of experts who can guide you through the problem, but they are slow and we need to wait for some time to get help.

It also has different forums for different issues, which help in providing you with possible solutions to your queries instantly.

Winner – As compared to GreenGeeks, the customer support service provided by HostGator is highly advanced, which can be very helpful for you in long run. Thus, HostGator beats GreenGeeks by a margin in this GreenGeeks vs HostGator war.

Winner: HostGator

7. Dashboard Management

A good Dashboard Management system is of extreme importance as it decides the level of ease for managing the website. Also, predicts the management of the control panel, which can be used by you to manipulate the settings through the web hosting service.


In GreenGeeks, the Dashboard portal gives access to you, which assists in supporting billing information as well as the website settings. The Dashboard system allows quick login feature as well, along with the control panel, which can help in managing the settings of your site.

Having an excellent Dashboard management system, it has been of great help to me, as the process of managing the cPanel has been super easy for me.


In HostGator, there are several options that would help you to manage your Dashboard. In this way, you can navigate and find what works best for you and control everything in one place with more convenience.

Verdict – The cPanel dashboard of both GreenGeeks and HostGator are intuitive and easy to manage with flexible options.

Winner: GreenGeeks

8. Backup

Again, Backup is the utmost importance when it comes to website hosting as preserving the data, and its components are essential for perfectly managing the website. Also, it is important to Backup the data regularly so that no information is lost, which can save you from potential security issues.


GreenGeeks performs daily disaster recovery backups that are retained for 24 hours and then, are replaced by the most recent Backup of data. It also makes use of RAID-10 storage features, which help in preserving your precious data.


HostGator provides great features in terms of Backup. The process is very easy and hassle-free, which would allow you to download the desired files in almost no time.

Verdict – Because of providing free nightly backup, GreenGeeks is the direct winner when we compare the backup features of HostGator and GreenGeeks.

Winner: GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks Vs Its Competitors

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GreenGeeks or HostGator – Which hosting should you get?

It is difficult to choose between the two hosting services that offer almost similar features. However, when we made a detailed analysis of GreenGeeks Vs HostGator, we have estimated that the GreenGeeks is the direct winner.

Yes, it has better speed, uptime record, security, and environment-friendly than HostGator. There are only a few valid reasons to go for the HostGator like WordPress optimized features and easy-to-use cPanel.

According to my point, it is better to get GreenGeeks to start your small business website or blog because it can support you well and take your site to the next level when compared to HostGator. Without any second thought, go with GreenGeeks hosting now!

by Nirmala
Nirmala is an avid blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She loves to write useful WP tips & tricks on this active blog.

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