MyThemeShop Vs Genesis Themes (StudioPress) – In-depth Comparison

mythemeshop vs genesis themes

The themes from Mythemeshop & Genesis Themes – I’m using both for my WordPress blogs!

I have done the in-depth review of Genesis Framework where I explained the one compelling reason for recommending it for WordPress sites.   

I have also written my detailed viewpoint of Mythemeshop themes and made clear why should you pick the MTS themes over other themes! 

As you have landed on my post, I can conclude that you want to know which theme is best for WordPress, Mythemeshop or Genesis Framework by StudioPress, Am I right?

If I’m correct, let me help you choose the right one for your site!

Genesis Themes & MyThemeShop Themes

After witnessing many professional bloggers across the globe running and highly recommending Genesis framework for WordPress blogging, I decided to give it a shot as well.

Genesis Framework was developed by StudioPress in the year 2009 for the novice and advanced developers to build the incredible websites using WordPress.

It has clean and optimized code along with the smart design architecture to offer the best search engine friendly features. 

While it was a bit tricky at the beginning, I could feel the improvements to my WordPress blog as the site felt cleaner and faster than before.

I was impressed by Genesis platform and would recommend it any day. Also, I have started using the best Genesis themes a couple of years back, and a lot has been changed since then.

With competition on the rise, other WordPress theme developers have also inclined towards building clean and faster loading WordPress themes rather than a fancy one.

One such theme developer company is MyThemeShop a.k.a MTS! 

Mythemeshop themes are fast, precise, mobile responsive and SEO friendly as well. They have inbuilt optimization, social media integration and flexible customization features to get a tailored design for your site.  

Despite being content with the Genesis framework, I decided to try a couple of themes from MyThemeShop (Schema and Authority) once as many of my blogger friends have recommended MTS over Genesis on their blogs.

Well, both these theme directories are distinctive in nature yet compelling in their own way.

While Genesis themes work only under the Genesis framework, MyThemeShop themes are independent and don’t require any kind of framework except the WordPress platform.

With so many speculations and doubts regarding the two, I have decided to share a detailed comparison between these two popular WordPress theme directories to help my readers like you to decide the best among these two.

Here’s a detailed comparison of both these theme engines so you could make a wise choice between them and choose the one that suits your preferences!

Comparing Genesis Child Themes With MyThemeShop Themes

MyThemeShop Vs Genesis Themes – Both WordPress themes are ideal for blogging!

Although the themes available on both these platforms are designed for WordPress architecture, they are highly distinctive.

To learn better about them, check out the detailed feature comparison between the MyThemeShop & Genesis themes and decide yourself.

1. Speed

Speed is an essential factor while setting up a website/blog. A good loading speed is not only user-friendly but also gives your website an edge in search engine rankings.

Genesis themes score quite well when it comes to the loading speed, thanks to the clean coding and design. The whole concept of Genesis framework relies upon optimizing the loading speed.

The primary purpose of changing to a Genesis framework was the same. With 20+ plugins on a common theme, the website loading speed increases drastically.

However, when I made the switch to the Genesis framework, the same loading speeding improved by 50% with the same number of active plugins.

Here is the GTMetrix speed score of my niche blog where I use the Genesis Metro theme!


On the other hand, MyThemeShop themes blend speed and creativity together. All the MyThemeShop themes use the same MyThemeShop framework.

These themes are developed using clean coding methods by reducing the use of unnecessary JavaScript files that hinders the load speed.

MTS themes like Schema and Socially Viral are the best Mythemeshop themes that are highly popular among the bloggers mainly for their fast loading nature.

However, speed is not entirely dependent on the theme you choose for a WordPress website. It also depends upon the hosting server that you use.

I’m using Schema from MyThemeShop for this blog; you may have a look at the loading speed of the blog in



ReasonWhile Genesis has the upper hand here for its Genesis framework, I believe that MTS is the winner here as you don’t just get a fast loading WordPress theme but also a great looking one for that matter.

Also, if you specifically compare the speed of Schema Vs Genesis themes, Schema is more rapid! 

2. SEO

SEO settings can be a big hurdle for a novice blogger. Well, you can always use plugins like All-in-one SEO pack or SEO by Yoast for all the basic as well as advanced SEO settings.

However, if you don’t want to add one more plugin to your WordPress website, Genesis framework is the best for SEO settings.


While these SEO settings won’t be same as provided by popular third-party plugins, the Genesis framework does a decent job to help you convert your typical WordPress blog into an SEO compatible one.

MTS themes also have built-in SEO settings. Nowadays, most premium theme developers hire SEO experts to help them design SEO-friendly themes to serve their users better.

While all the MTS themes are SEO ready, you would need a third-party SEO plugin such as SEO by Yoast or All-in-one SEO Pack for advanced stuff.


ReasonGenesis themes have far more advanced SEO settings than other premium themes including the ones from MTS. With Genesis, you don’t need to rely on a third-party SEO plugin anymore!

3. User-Friendliness

We use WordPress mainly because we don’t want to get into coding and programming. Hence, it is vital to have a theme that comes with a simplistic user interface, so the blog owner or administrator can easily make the required changes.

Well, Genesis themes are a bit complicated as the user interface may let you make necessary modifications with ease but you must require some technical knowledge for advanced settings.

To design the site like a professional, you might need the plugins like Genesis Simple Edits, Genesis Sidebars, Menus, etc. 

On the contrary, the user interface on MTS themes is so easy to use that even a non-tech savvy person can easily customize the whole theme as per their preferences.

The theme settings section lets you make most of the custom modifications you need on the blog. Listen to the praising words of an expert about the user-friendliness of the MyThemeShop themes.


ReasonMTS themes are, in fact, more user-friendly compared to Genesis themes. Also, if you get stuck with MTS, there’s always a professional expert to guide you through it.

4. Customization Flexibility

Being a blog, the content placement and the styling is very important.

Also, the navigation system throughout the blog must be intact so the user can easily explore the blog and get the information he/she seeks.

Regarding customization, Genesis themes are good as they will let you make changes to the website if you want to change the styling or navigation menus. You can also alter the layout of the blog based on your user preferences with Genesis themes.


While most of the changes can be implemented using the default WordPress theme customization panel, you may need some coding knowledge to play with Genesis simple hooks for advanced customizations.

On the other hand, MTS themes are custom designed for specific blog purpose or category. You may change the styling, but the basic layout remains the same.

You can change the default theme layout by using shortcodes to make it unique.



ReasonMTS themes are far more advanced when it comes to customizing the basic layout compared to Genesis themes.

5. Responsiveness

More than 50% of total internet users across the globe are using their Smartphone or tablet device to surf different websites.

Hence, the need for a 100% responsive WordPress theme has peaked in the last five years.

Most of the premium theme developers are putting all their efforts to design a fully responsive yet attractive WordPress theme for their users.

Based on clean coding and simple architecture, Genesis themes are highly responsive across various device formats.

MTS themes also boast of the clean, lightweight, and readable code that allows them to design user-friendly 100% responsive themes for their users.


ReasonBoth MTS and Genesis themes are winners when it comes to fulfilling the current demands of responsive designs.

6. Security & Updates

With the digital world on the rise, most of the live websites are vulnerable to cyber attacks in terms of hacking, phishing attacks, and much more.

Hence, it is vital for premium theme developers to offer regular security updates eliminating the risks of any possible hacking attempt on your WordPress blog.

Genesis framework is considered as a highly secured WordPress framework as they hardly rely on any third-party plugins. With the senior security expert, Mark Jaquith on board, Genesis themes are designed based on the core principles of WordPress security.

Also, Genesis themes are regularly updated to make them compatible with the latest version of WordPress to ensure the safe and sound functioning of your WordPress blog.

MTS themes also receive frequent updates to resonate with the latest WordPress version.

However, these themes are nowhere close to Genesis themes when it comes to security. Clearly, Genesis is the ultimate pick for secure WordPress blog.


ReasonMTS themes are secured too, but there’s no special arrangement to prevent any hacking attempts on an MTS powered WordPress blog.

7. Price (Which is cheap, MTS or Genesis?)

Pricing is the decisive factor when choosing the right WordPress theme. There’s a huge difference in the pricing between MTS and Genesis themes.

In this battle, Mythemeshop vs Genesis themes, comparing their prices is most important as there’s a huge difference in the pricing between these WordPress designs.

To use Genesis, you need to first buy the Genesis framework priced at $59.95. On the top of that if you need a premium theme compatible with the Genesis framework; you may have to purchase the bundle package.

A bundle package including Genesis framework and the Premium StudioPress Theme may cost at least $100 or more depending on the theme you choose.

Developers and Agencies can get full access to Genesis framework and all the best StudioPress themes at a one-time charge of $499.95. They can use them to create and sell custom Genesis powered themes to their clients.

genesis themes price

On the other hand, MTS themes are quite cheap compared to Genesis. Premium MTS themes are priced at $59 each.

Developers and agencies could opt for the bundle package which includes 98 Premium WordPress themes and 16 Premium WordPress plugins with many other features.

The membership for such bundled package comes at a price of $87 and a monthly renewal charge of $19. MTS is very cost-effective compared to Genesis.



ReasonFor Genesis themes, you need Genesis framework, whereas there’s no such limitation whatsoever for MTS themes.

8. Other Features

Are you still stuck up with the question, Mythemeshop or Genesis themes, which is the best theme for WordPress?  If yes, you may check my opinion about the other theme features like

SupportMyThemeShop (I got great assistance from the support for the theme customization of my choice)

User EngagementMyThemeShop ( You can make the blog posts with professional design for user engagement)

Landing PagesGenesis Themes (You will get stunning landing page designs for huge conversions)

Ad OptimizedMyThemeShop (Most of the MTS themes are Ad-friendly to insert the Adsense or affiliate banners at logical places) 

Conclusion – What Should You Choose, Genesis or MTS?

I have already explained the valid reasons for using the paid WordPress theme (Instead of getting the freebie), and the Mythemeshop themes & Genesis themes are my top recommendation for the WordPress bloggers. 

Based on the comparison Mythemeshop vs Genesis themes, it is pretty much clear that MTS fares better than Genesis on some factors, whereas Genesis leads the way on few others.

Genesis themes are the best choice if you are looking for a simple, responsive, and secure WordPress blog.

However, if you prefer attractive niche specific themes with multiple layouts and styling options as well as a wide range of themes to choose from at reasonable pricing, then your pick should be the Mythemeshop themes. 

So, which theme would you like to buy for your WordPress blog to stand out and rock? Mythemeshop or Genesis Themes? Make the right choice based on your needs and start a new chapter in your blogging journey.

Buy MyThemeShop Theme

Buy Genesis Theme From StudioPress


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