12 Best Free And Premium SERP Checker Tools For Keyword Rank Tracking


Are you looking for some of the best SERP checker tools often to check the search engine ranking for your targeted keywords?

If yes, you are in the right place to get the excellent tool to meet your requirements. 

Even though you are doing the keyword research correctly to find out the best low-competition and LSI keywords, it is essential to track the performance of the published content.

Here is where you need the best SERP rank checker tools. 

In my earlier post, I shared some useful tips to improve keyword search results.

However, determining whether keyword rankings are growing or declining is the most critical factor.

That’s how you can analyze whether your marketing campaign is moving in the right direction.

Okay, now let’s get into the quick suggestions! Yes, if you’re in a hurry and don’t want to read the entire post, look at my top recommendations! 

SERP Checker Tools

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SEO Powersuite

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SE Ranking

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Sitechecker Pro

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Before getting into the details of good SERP checker tools, you must know the importance of tracking the search engine ranking positions! 

What Is SERP, And Why Is Keyword Rank Tracking Important? 

SERP is the acronym for Search Engine Results Page or abbreviated as Search Engine Ranking Position.

In the digital marketing world, analyzing and monitoring SERPs is crucial as it hints at the progress of the online marketing campaign.

Yes! Keyword tracking on Google and other search engines is essential, and let me tell you the valid reasons to track the position of your focused search terms. 

  • SERP is the result of the on-page and off-page SEO that you have done for your content. Suppose you have reached the top rankings for the targeted keyword in the Google search engine. In that case, you are doing the SEO process (Keyword research, Great-Quality content with perfect on-page SEO, Social signals, and Backlinks) correctly.
  • SERP tracking is a must-do rule to ensure that you are staying away from the negative SEO impact. At least if you could rank on the 3rd or 4th search engine page results, you can feel free that your SEO does not ruin your keyword ranking. 
  • The third valid reason for rank tracking is to boost your site traffic. Yes, as you know, ranking keywords on the 4th – 10th page on Google search can bring a little traffic to your website. And if those keywords have medium-high search volume, then you have a high potential to increase the traffic by improving the SERPs through a content update or building quality backlinks.
  • SERP tracking will let you know who your competitors are and how they could perform in search engines. You can steal their ranking keywords and determine what makes them get high SERPs. So, you can always keep an eye on their ranking search phrases to crush them easily.
  • And the final benefit – If you manage multiple blogs, handle the online marketing campaign for several sites, or offer SEO services for clients. You must monitor each targeted keyword’s SERPs and plan further improvements. Here’s where the best SERP checker applications come in handy, as these tools will automate the entire process of analyzing and monitoring the search engine rankings and keep track of the competitors.

I hope you have come to know the benefits of the SERP tracking process! 

However, the real question is how accurate these SERP tracker tools are. Well, that’s a gamble you must take, as most of these applications are programmed differently.

How do you select the best SERP keyword tracker? 

Many tracking tools are available on the web, so you have to get the best one rather than picking any ineffective keyword rank checker app to watch the Google rankings of your targeted keywords. 

Before buying the rank-tracking app, ensure the following qualities are present.

  • A large number of keywords that can be tracked daily or per month
  • How accurate the SERP position results are
  • Should support local and Mobile rank tracking
  • Provides clear & detailed reports that can be exported 
  • Affordable pricing plans

To save you valuable time, I have listed some excellent SERP check resources, both free and paid, that are worth buying and using.

Let’s get into the details! 

12 Best SERP Tracking Tools To Monitor The Focus Keywords

Of course, you can always Sign up/Buy SEMRush, AHREFs, or MOZ to keep complete track of your SEO campaign. 

These premium SEO tools can monitor and report your site’s performance relevant to keyword rankings and traffic growth.

These tools are expensive but worth your investment if you are looking for a tool that offers more than just keyword tracking.

Here are some cheaper alternatives for expensive SEO tools! 

8 Premium Yet Affordable SERP Checker Tools of 2023

If you are a little tight on your budget, you can always try out some excellent and affordable SERP ranking tracker tools on the web today.

1. SEO PowerSuite

SEO PowerSuite is a suite of four desktop tools that does a whale of a job at competitive pricing. Part of the suite is Rank Tracker, which does accurate ranking checks, keyword research, and SEO/PPC estimations.

The SERP tracker tool can be set up to track keyword rankings in any search engine imaginable. The tool lets you track mobile rankings separately from desktop, optimize for video keywords on YouTube, or research keywords for Amazon.

The SERP History, which can be recorded starting from the Professional pricing plan, lets you record ranking positions, monitor rich features on the SERP, and spot Google algorithm updates through the particular SERP weather graph.

The SERP Analysis feature inside Rank Tracker analyzes your top SERP competition and predicts how difficult it will be to beat the SEO competition.

Best features of Rank Tracker from SEO PowerSuite

  • Tracking an unlimited number of keywords and projects
  • Over 500 search engines supported
  • A vast keyword database and 24 keyword research methods
  • Customizable SEO reporting templates and white-label for SEO agencies
  • Integrates into Google Analytics and Search Console
  • Automated tasks and alerts for SEO agency workflow.

2. SE Ranking


If you are searching for a 100% accurate keyword rank tracker tool with a handful of premium features, then your choice should be SE Ranking. It is an exceptional SEO tool with position tracking as one of its leading features.

According to G2Crowd, SE Ranking is the highest-rated SERP tracking tool as it can provide more up-to-date information and contain flexible pricing plans. This SERP tracking software can take your product/service to the next level with the best features for businesses.

It has white-label & API features that are indeed needed for collaborative use. You can organize the workspace by creating sub-accounts to access the project details. Regarding professional reporting to clients, no one could beat the SE Ranking.

Now, it’s time to summarize the exceptional qualities of SE Ranking that make them better than competitors!

Best Features Of SE Ranking

  • 100% accurate data with complete information like search volume, suggested bids by Google, and much more data
  • Our data is secure and never leaks to public research tools
  • You can monitor the Map results, your Google Ads positions, and keyword tracking. You can also track your YouTube video positions.
  • It is possible to track your top 5 competitors by getting deep ranking reports and visibility scores.
  • You can analyze and get a retrospective view of the top 100 search results.
  • Just pay for one keyword and track up to 5 Keyword combinations. This pricing feature of SERanking is unseen in other keyword position checker tools.

3. Zutrix – Intelligent Rank Tracker


How about using the world’s first keyword rank tracker that uses AI behind the screen? It would be exciting. Zutrix is an intelligent rank tracking tool specifically made to improve your SEO performance. It is a complete suite that covers all your keyword ranking monitoring needs.

You can start using this tool by creating an account and adding your site by creating a new project. Importing your keywords through Google Search Console and fetching SERP results for your website is possible. As Zutrix uses complex algorithms and procedures, you can see your targeted keywords’ exact positions.

Best Features of Zutrix SERP  Rank Tracker 

  • AI-powered results with ultimate accuracy
  • Device-based SERP features and location results 
  • Real-time notifications through Telegram, Slack, and Email with custom rules 
  • Unlimited competitor tracking with intelligent suggestions 
  • Unique reporting system includes scheduled reporting and white-label integrations
  • Keyword lab is available for more ideas
  • Track keywords at every location with 100% accuracy
  • Ranking report sharing through uniquely created links

The basic plan of Zutrix is affordable, with the tracking capability of 250 keywords daily. Check its other pricing plans! 

4. SiteChecker Pro


In the list of best SERP tracker tools, I will list an efficient plugin, the rank tracker of SiteChecker Pro, because of its innovative features like an easy-to-use interface and alerts & reports that will take your site to the next level.

It is one of the clever SEO tools that lets you boost your on-page and technical SEO. With this great plugin, you can track the position of your focused keywords daily and receive suggestions to improve the rank position.

Best Features Of Sitechecket Pro

  • Track positions on several search engines, on any device, and on any country
  • Both daily and weekly reports are available
  • Filter keywords through multiple conditions
  • Advanced mode to customize table settings
  • Perform SEO analysis for any keyword
  • Full-screen option and conduct bulk keyword action
  • PDF ranking reports for brand identity

The basic plan of Sitechecker Pro costs $29 per month, and I would say that it is an ideal tool to elevate your site’s SEO performance.

Get Sitechecker Pro Now

5. SERP Checker & SERP Watcher


SERP Checker and SERP Watcher are the ultimate SERP Competition analysis and rank-tracking tools every blogger or digital marketer must have. Both come as a bundled package from Mangools, where you get KWFinder, SERP Checker, SERP Watcher, Link Miner, and Site Profiler.

While SERP Checker and SERP Watcher will be enough for SERP and Competition analysis, the other tools in the package can also come in handy to drive your marketing campaign in the right direction.

Best Features Of SERP Checker & SERP Watcher

  • Get the critical rank tracking data through the distribution charts
  • Daily keyword position updates and interactive reports with localized results
  • Track the overall progress via the Dominance index that represents the unique organic traffic
  • Track the desktop and mobile results
  • Set up custom event-based automatic alerts
  • Unlimited tracking domains and 100 SERP analysis/per (In the basic pricing plan

The starting price is affordable, and yes, this keyword rank checker toolset from Mangools is a much cheaper deal than premium tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush, or Moz.

6. AWR (Advanced Web Ranking)


AdvancedWebRanking claims that rank tracking is made easy through the white-label reports accessible from any device. Several thousands of brands & agencies are using this SERP keyword checker to enhance their business growth.

One of the major highlights of this best SERP rank tracker is that you can track the keywords in any language you want. Moreover, it uses the human search emulation mechanism and geo-located proxy servers to provide high-accuracy data.

Best Features of AdvancedWebRanking 

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Track rankings from 3000+ search engines in over 130 countries
  • Not only white-label reports but also supports customizable ready-to-use reports
  • Powerful API to integrate full SERP data
  • Sync your Google Analytics and Search Console accounts
  • Free 30 days trial without the need for a Credit card

The AWR starter plan is reasonable with a 2000 keyword tracking limit. 

7. Long Tail Pro Rank Tracker


Long Tail Pro is most commonly known as the ultimate keyword research tool developed by top bloggers and affiliate marketers globally.

Spencer Haws from NichePursuits.com created this keyword research tool based on insights from a successful blogger and affiliate marketer.

While Long Tail Pro is primarily known for Keyword Research & Analysis, the tool also helps monitor rankings for the targeted keywords through its Rank Tracker tool.

Best Features Of LTP Rank Tracker

  • You can add 2 URLs to track the rank of the keywords (per month)
  • 30 rank tracker terms are allowed per month
  • Detailed report with rank and date (Like yesterday, last week, and last month)
  • Daily rank updates 

As I’m a proud user of LTP to increase my organic traffic, I’m using its keyword rank tracker for a few of my targeted keywords! 


The annual starter package of Long Tail Pro is highly affordable. Currently, it is the best keyword research tool to identify long-tail keywords, which are useful for efficient online marketing campaigns.

8. SERPWoo


SERPWoo is another great online tool for SEO Rank Tracking. It brings in the Deep SERP analysis factor to help you monitor and analyze the top 20 results of each targeted keyword to offer a better understanding of what the competitors are up to.

With this best SERP tracker, you can monitor or track the rankings for your blog or website and help you compete with other brands strategically. 

You can quickly check the historical SERP, understand how and why the competitors rank higher, and optimize your website or blog accordingly.

Best Features Of SERPWoo

  • Take a customized look at the data with the help of a rebuilt, innovative reporting system
  • Find new opportunities within your SERPs to get more visitors 
  • Developed by industry experts who have been playing well on the web for more than 30 years
  • Get automatic email notifications for changes in the ranking position
  • Start exploring the features with the free account without the need to enter the credit card details

You can get the Bronze plan of SERPWoo at a standard price and enjoy all the features of SERPWoo except the mobile tracking feature. 

Best Free SERP Checker Sites To Track The Keyword Rankings

Well, if you are just a newbie blogger who doesn’t want to invest in premium SERP checker tools, here are some great free SERP tracker tools for you!

9. What’s My SERP

What’s My SERP is a simple keyword position checker tool to track rankings for multiple keywords for a single domain for free. You can add the keywords manually and your domain to start monitoring.

Currently, this free SERP checker only tracks SEO rankings on Google. You can choose your region based on the target location or try Google.com for global SERPs.

Once the rank tracking is complete, you can export the CSV file on your computer to monitor the changes and performance of your website or blog for the selected keywords list.  If you register at this SERP online tracker, you can check the SERP for 20 domains and 25 keyword limits per domain. 


SERPROBOT is an excellent SERP tracking tool that delivers accurate results for Free. Earlier, it was called SERPLAB, and now, this free SERP tool has been rebranded to SERPRobot. Just input your region, domain name, and keywords to be tracked, and the ranking positions will be displayed as early as possible.

In this free keyword rank checker tool, you can enter up to 10 keywords to check their rankings on search engines. They suggest you use the tool after removing the browser cache and signing out of Google accounts to get exact results.


If you are looking for a fast and reliable SERP ranking tool that can be used for Free, SERP SURF is an excellent option. You need to enter the domain name, choose the region & device, and enter the keywords you want to see.

You may also enter your competitors’ domain names to determine their status. The result will show you the exact ranking position of the keyword you have entered. SERP SURF also displays the top 10 results of your search phrase. Having an intuitive interface, this is the best Free SERP tracker tool that comes in handy whenever you require it.

12. Searchenginereports.net 

Searchenginereports has a set of Free SEO tools for text analysis, keyword planning, and web management, and SERP position checker is one among them. A team of top-notch web developers has created these free tools, and of course, they can bring you accurate results.

The interface of searchenginereports is neat and clean, where you can monitor the SERP by keyword and URL. You can choose Google SERPS and other search engines according to the country and device (mobile or desktop) to check SERP competition.

Best SERP Checker Applications 2024 – Conclusion

Researching and picking the right keywords for your web pages or blog posts and later monitoring the search engine rankings of your domain and competitors’ domains for those keywords is essential if you wish to compete in the online industry today.

The SERP tracking software tools are beneficial in keeping track of your website or blog’s performance for targeted search queries. I hope you got the answer to “How to track my Keyword ranking.

These SEO rank checker tools will help you keep a watch on your website’s performance for the targeted keywords, help you keep track of your competitors, and strategically plan your online marketing campaign accordingly.

The free SERP Checker tools are helpful but less productive than the premium ones mentioned above. With these free Google SERP checker apps, you can begin your digital marketing or blogging journey

But as you progress, I highly recommend investing in any of these premium best SERP tools to track your campaigns better, improve productivity on a larger scale, and reap the benefits I listed at the beginning of the blog post. 

So, which tool would you like to get and track your targeted keywords? If you ask me, I would recommend – SEOPowerSuite, SE Ranking, and Sitechecker Pro, which are the best SERP checker tools 2024 worth spending

Get SEO Powersuite

Grab SERanking 30% Discount

Get Sitechecker Pro

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