Divi Vs Astra – Which WordPress Theme Wins The Race In 2021 & Beyond?


As a WordPress theme designer, I’m very much interested in comparing the best-selling themes to help the site owners get the suitable one to design the professional-looking website.

And in today’s article, I’m going to compare the two biggies which are rocking among the entrepreneurs and bloggers, and yes, this is a Divi Vs Astra Pro theme comparison post.

If you are struggling to choose between these two WordPress themes, then this blog post will let you make the right decision as I’m going to highlight the differences in a crystal-clear manner.

Before getting into the details, I just want to convey that this evaluation is based on my personal experiences & views and hence they may conflict with others’ viewpoints.

Now, let’s begin the war, Astra Vs Divi through a quick comparison table.

If you feel lethargic to read my detailed content, I hope it would assist you to find the perfect WordPress theme for your business website.

Divi Vs Astra Pro – A Rapid-Fire Comparison




Free & Premium Version

Premium only

Both Free & Paid Version

User Friendly 

User-friendly Theme. But before start designing, make sure to read their documentation. Otherwise, you will get confused with too many options available.

Extreme User-friendly theme. However, you would feel little-bit difficult while using the Hook function. Use their document to avoid confusions.

Page Builder

It comes with the world's best front end visual ultimate Page builder. So, you can build any website as per your preferences.

It doesn’t have any page builder. However, it is highly compatible with elementor, beaver, and other page builders.

Design Control

It offers full design control through all types of Divi elements. You don’t need to do any coding, because all options are available by default, just pick the desired elements and start customizing. 

It provides full control with WordPress Front end customizer. Backend controls like custom page header, and hooks are available.

Ready Made Site Template

Divi contains 800+ Pre-made templates. Just select the suitable layout and get that design in one click.

Astra offers 100+ Pre Made templates in various niches. Here too, you will get all the designs with a one-click export option.

Premium Modules & Elements

It gives you 40+ different elements to create personalized websites for your business brand.   

No Elements or modules are available. You have to utilize the things available in WordPress front-end customizer. 


Divi is 100% compatible with the latest WordPress Gutenberg editor. But no Gutenberg blocks are available as it has everything in the form of Elements.

Astra is also compatible with the recent WordPress editor. It has Guterberg add-ons available with more blocks.


Divi has Woo Builder to design your online stores with Woo Elements. Default store templates are also available.

Astra has all sections in front end customizer, so you can change all the things here. And also Astra has pre made store templates available.

Popup Optin & Newsletter

Divi has a separate plugin called bloom to build popup optin as per your choice and catch more subscribers

Astra has a popup optin called Convert Pro, but it is not for the theme buyers. You have to purchase it separately. It is the biggest downside of Astra.

Page Speed

Divi has followed the coding standard and yes Optimized for Page Speed.

Lightweight theme! Fully optimized for page load speed. 

Social Media

Divi presents Monarch Social Share Plugin To Boost Your Social Presence.

No such social media support here. You have to rely on the 3rd party plugins. 

Header & Footer Builder

Yes, available!  Any type of header and footer can be built.

Multiple headers and footer designs are available. But no builder available like Divi.


Fully SEO Optimized with SCHEMA

Schema Integrated, Superfast SEO-friendly theme.

Responsive Design

All designs are responsive and also you can edit your design in the responsive mode as well. 

Like Divi, all the layouts are highly responsive and hence look great on different-sized gadgets. 

Support & Documentation

Live Chat Support is available. It has In-depth Documentation With Video tutorials for every setting. 

Ticket support system available. Astra has detailed Documentation with video tutorials to setup everything. 

Language Translation

Translation support for 32 languages. Not only the front-end elements, but also the Divi Builder interface, including all form fields and descriptions can be translated. RTL is also present. 

Yes, Translation and RTL available, but not in an in-depth manner like Divi theme. 

Other Features 

More Than 100+ Features Available Like Split Testing, Visualize Color Control, Shape Dividers, Etc.

Features Are Limited! However, Compatible With Page Builders Like Elementor & Beaver Builder

Money Back Guarantee

30 Days

30 Days


$50 Lifetime Discount

10% Discount

Why Choose Divi Over Astra?

  • It’s just a piece of cake to build a professional-looking website with a personalized touch for huge conversions.
  • You will take full design control to customize your business site for branding with which you can gain a loyal audience.
  • Easy to make your website more engaging with the help of social media tools, Monarch and Popup optin, Bloom.
  • You don’t need to rely on the heavy third-party plugins as it contains everything in its Divi builder.
  • It has a split test system to maximize the results and this feature is not available in Astra.
  • You can grab the lifetime offer of Divi theme with an impressive discount.

Check my in-depth Divi review so that you would come to know its priceless valor!

Why Go with Astra Than Divi?

  • Astra is a weightless and performance-optimized theme when compared to Divi.
  • You will acquire the relaxing customization options and freedom to pick your preferred page builder.
  • Even with the free version of Astra, it is more likely to build the eye-catching websites (no free version for Divi)
  • This WP theme is best suitable to build distraction-free online course websites with integrations like LifterLMS or LearnDash plugins.
  • The blog layouts, custom layouts, and site layouts along with the global design options, Header & Footer designs are remarkable sources to construct the fascinating sites to get reliable readership.

Have a look at my Astra Theme Review before finalizing the things!

Divi Vs Astra WordPress Theme – A Complete Comparison

Now, it’s time to begin the comprehensive comparison Astra Vs Divi to declare the theme winner under each category!

#1 intuitive interface – Which theme is easy to work?

‘Which is the easiest WordPress theme to customize?’ – A million-dollar question! If you choose the theme with confusing settings, then you will give up for sure!

So, make sure that you are picking the one with easy to use options to customize the design of your site. Let’s see the user interface of Divi and Astra and check the best theme for ease of use.


The new visual interface of Divi theme is easy to use since it is highly customizable and clutter-free. When you get into the intuitive builder interface for the first time, you may feel mystifying because this theme is different from the default WordPress editor.

However, there is nothing to worry about! It has been developed by the WordPress developer experts with comfortability in mind. Just be prepared to use the fresh website designing system and be ready to learn the essential matters through the documentation and video tutorials.


The updated version of the Divi builder has a new level of functionality to enhance your productivity and design speed. You will have access to all the features directly from the WordPress admin and switch back to the classic editor at any time when you feel difficult.

If you ask my experience about the Divi interface, I would say that I feel more relaxed within the post editor and on the front-end live customizer so that I can see what am I doing and undo the settings when I mess up the things.


Earlier this year, Astra has launched an ambitious update with a significant improvement in the user interface so as to offer a crystal clear feature set that makes the design process easier than ever.

Yes, Astra theme has a clutter-free interface where you can find all the theme setting options within the customizer. To ease down the process and minimize the clicks, everything has merged at one place under organized categories.


After activating the Astra Pro version, go to WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Customize or Astra Options and start designing.

The full section can be customized (Header, Footer, Sidebar & Content) along with color & typography at once place. The customizer option will load only when you click to edit it.


Winner – Astra

Reason – If you look for the better theme interface with unconfused settings to create a dazzling website, then your pick should be Astra WP theme since it has an improved interface that has crisp setting options under one hood.

#2 Design Options – Which theme has Valuable design controls?

When you buy any WordPress theme, you should look at their design choices which is imperative to design the website that would please the search engines and your audience as well.


The design elements of Divi are excellent and you will get control over everything. There are 800+ pre-made designs, 40+ modules and thousands are design options are available here.

I really love the true visual yet responsive editing in real-time where I can see the results simultaneously.

Divi 800+ layouts
Divi 40+ Modules

You can touch almost every part of the website and finally get a preferred design that reflects your business brand. Some of the efficiency tweaks like filterable & searchable settings, keyboard shortcuts, quick actions, find & replace styles, color manager and bulk editing will save our valuable time.

Out of the vast design choices of Divi, few of them are the all-time favorites that I mostly use. they are

  1. Animations for high user engagement.
  2. Text shadows for the eye-pleasing effect.
  3. Filters and special effects to change the elements’ appearance.
  4. CSS code editing to add my own codes.
  5. Transform controls & effects for graphic designing.
  6. Border options to make the elements noticeable.
  7. Shape dividers to create transitions between the content blocks.

As per my knowledge, no theme for WordPress in the market has this much of design options, simply an amazing job by the Elegant Themes.


The design features of Astra are limited and not as vast as Divi. However, all the essential controls are present and it works well the page builders to get the desired output.


The site layouts, blog layouts, typography, header, and footer designs are fabulous since they come with maximum flexibility.

Blog Settings

Apart from this, I like the notable design options like

  • Mega Menu
  • Spacing Control
  • Hooks & Filters
  • LMS integration
  • Sticky Header
  • Scroll to top link

Winner – Divi

Reason – In the description itself I have conveyed that the Divi is the best and the reason for winning! I have never seen such a wide range of design preferences along with the full control to do everything from scratch. When you start using the Divi theme, I’m sure that you will become a professional web designer and able to make some elegant websites without any trouble.

#3 Fastest Theme – Divi Vs Astra Speed Comparison

The site loading speed is one of the technical SEO factors. Yes, the slow loading site affects your organic rankings by increasing the bounce rate and decreasing the dwell time. Hence you should buy the fastest WordPress theme to stay respected to the eyes of Google and offer the best user experience for your readers.

Let’s see which is the fast-loading theme for WordPress, Divi or Astra?


So, how fast is Divi? Well, let me share viewpoints through this Divi Vs Astra battle!

The Divi theme has in-built speed optimizations and it had received a major update last year to offer the improved page load speed by optimizing the delivery of JavaScript, CSS, and Google Fonts. Yes, they have creative caching mechanisms to boost the Divi speed.

You should understand that the Divi is an absolute web design system that will require more resources and it contains heavy shortcodes that would ruin the site loading speed. Hence, it would be better to do some performance enhancements to make the Divi faster.

Make sure that you are doing the image & video optimization, and integrated the CDN for your website. Moreover, you may use some helpful plugins like Autoptimize & W3 total cache and ensure that you are using the top hosting (managed hosting is better) that has the latest PHP version.

Check the speed score of my niche website designed with Divi theme!



Astra is the speed optimized WordPress theme that requires very lower resources when compared to other themes. It is carefully coded without the use of JQuery to avoid the render-blocking issue.

Having the ability to load under half-a-second, the Astra can help you get top search engine ranking results. So, you don’t need to worry about the site loading speed with this fastest theme for WordPress.

I’m very much satisfied with the speed score of my blog with Astra and yes, it is really impressive. I didn’t work much on the speed optimization part. Using a reliable top hosting along with Astra can give you a great speed result.

Have a look at our Astra theme speed achievement!


Winner – Astra

Reason – Astra is weightless and makes a huge difference in the speed score even without caching and removing render blocks. With minimal effort, I can build the fast loading websites with Astra which is somewhat impracticable with Divi.

#4 SEO-Friendliness – Divi or Astra, who wins the SEO race?

Getting targeted visitors from the Google search engine is a blessing! Even though you are good at executing the on-page SEO strategies, it’s healthier to buy the theme that is perfectly optimized for SEO.

If it is bloated with unclean codes, then it will be harder for you to get the high search engine rankings. Let’s have a look at the SEO-friendliness of both Divi and Astra and I’ll tell you which theme would help you get high SERPs.


Let me answer to the question, How SEO-friendly is Divi? Divi contains SEO features like Schema Markup, proper site structure, excellent coding, and breadcrumbs module to make your site accessible by the search crawlers.

It has SEO settings for almost every page, however, you may use the best WordPress SEO plugin like Yoast to tweak your site’s SEO-compatibility. So, Divi is not bad for SEO when it is fixed right! Just you need to take care of the site speed by doing some optimizations.


Adding Schema Markup to every page of your website, Astra makes your site search engine friendly. You may take it to the next level through their Schema Pro plugin. And, it also offers the breadcrumbs for easier site navigation for great user experience.

Moreover, it uses the default WordPress data and followed the standard coding to load faster. Optimized header structure and AMP compatibility are its other SEO-friendly features.

My SEO results are always good with this performance focussed theme. After switching over to Astra from MyThemeShop for my blog, MyMagicFundas, the organic keywords are doubled and my organic traffic as well 🙂


Winner – Astra

Reason – When it comes to the SEO features like Schema Markup, Breadcrumbs, Quick Performance, Optimized Header Tags, Mobile Responsive, AMP & Page Builder compatibility, Astra is superior to Divi. You could see that my search engine traffic got tweaked after shifting over to the Astra WordPress theme.

#5 WooCommerce Compatible – Which Theme is apt to build online stores?

Creating an online store with WordPress is a wiser choice. However, picking an ideal theme that has built-in WooCommerce support is a hectic task as you need to look at its performance, mobile responsiveness, optimized cart, checkout pages, and conversion-friendly features. So, who is WooCommerce-friendly, Divi or Astra?


Divi is WooCommerce compatible and hence you can start selling the products anytime without any additional cost. Not only the pre-made templates, but it also offers 15+ new eCommerce modules through which you could take the full control over the product pages.

The Woobuilder for Divi takes the WooCommerce to the next level. Just you need to insert the modules as Woo Add to cart, Woo rating, Woo meta, Woo reviews, Woo tables, Woo upsell, & Woo Gallery and customize them according to your needs.



Astra is the best Woocommerce theme built to boost sales. Its incredible speed, code-free customizations, and secured platform make it the best fit to build the online store that sells more.

The pre-made eCommerce websites will help you set up the web stores in minutes and its responsive design is optimized for mobile sales.

It has other exclusive features in its WooCommerce support like

1. Infinite Scroll – When the user scrolls down, your products will get loaded for a seamless experience.

2. Grid Settings – By taking full control over the borders and buttons, it is feasible to showcase the product in a Grid design.

3. Off-Canvas Sidebar – To add helpful filters and widget to the sidebar and improve user experience.

4. Dropdown Cart – It consolidates the summary of the items added to the cart without having to reload the page.

5. Sales Bubble Style – To grab the user’s attention and make the trades through the sales bubble.

6. Checkout Options – Instead of integrating the default traditional checkout, you may add an interactional one.

Winner – Both

#6 Customer Support – How Proficient & Active Are they?

The theme customer support team should be highly knowledgeable to solve your designing troubles. Moreover, they should easily be reachable to fix things faster. In this Astra Vs Divi comparison, let me have a word about their customer support.


Divi has premium support with a team of experienced professionals to assist the theme users. They are highly knowledgeable and easily reachable through the Live chat support system. You may also utilize their support forum to get help or watch the instructional videos to come out of your difficulties.

Until now, I didn’t have any bitter experience with the customer team as they are always available and look into my concerns and deal with them through better solutions. Moreover, I never waited long to accept their assistance.


Like Divi, the Astra has also a high-skilled team behind the scene. They are ready to help you through the ticket system. They have generated an in-depth document to set up everything and if you search for any doubts in fixing the elements, you will be able to find out the helpful articles that could solve your difficulties.

The biggest roadblock of Astra is that there’s no phone & chat support. However, communication with other users is possible through the FaceBook community and you can get help to get rid of your puzzles.

Winner – Divi

Reason – Astra theme should have live support to get immediate help. The ticket system is helpful but not active like Divi. You need to have some patience to get assisted by the support team.

#7 Pricing – Astra or Divi, which is Affordable & Value for money?

The theme pricing package should be affordable and worth the money spent. Let’s see which company offers the best package and reasonable pricing plan.


The highlight of Divi is, you can use its single license on multiple websites, and moreover, their lifetime pricing plan with an impressive discount is highly appreciable.

In the theme package, you will obtain permission to handle the Extra theme, Bloom Email Optin, and Monarch social media plugin through which the user interaction can be increased.

Divi has two different pricing plans – Yearly access & Lifetime access. Its lifetime pricing is a profitable deal as it is a one-time investment and yes, you will receive updates and support forever. Don’t miss to grab the Divi Discount Code now!


If you don’t like the Divi’s performance, then you may get your money back within 30 days!


Astra contains three different pricing plans,

  1. Astra Pro – For individual bloggers (20 starter templates)
  2. Mini Agency Bundle – For Small Business (55+ starter templates and add-ons for Elementor & Beaver Builder)
  3. Agency Bundle – For Large Agencies (All the Pro plugins, 55+ templates, and Add-ons for page builder)

Its Lifetime deal is also available for the one who doesn’t want to renew the subscription every year.

Winner – Divi

Reason – Divi is an all-in-one theme that comes with the builder and other design, lead generation & marketing features. Its lifetime deal is the same as Astra which has no page builder and other sophisticated features included. Even though the annual pricing plan of Divi is a little bit costlier than Astra, Divi is highly affordable when we look deeply.

Unseen Features of Divi In Astra?

So, I have compared the common features available in both themes. Do you know that the Divi theme has some unseen features of Astra?

Yes! Divi contains some exceptional qualities that you can never see in the Astra theme. They are,

1. Page Builder

Divi is not a just WordPress theme. It’s an entire site-building platform that replaces the traditional WordPress editor with a sophisticated visual builder to make amazing designs with more efficiency. When you don’t want to apply the pre-made designs and would like to start everything from the scratch, the Divi builder comes handy for you.

The Divi page builder has the following qualities,

  • Drag and drop builder
  • Inline text editing
  • Save & Manage your designs
  • Global elements & styles
  • Undo, redo, & revisions
  • Shape dividers
  • Border options
  • Advanced code editing
  • Filters & effects
  • Drop & text shadows
  • Animations
  • Background images, videos & colors
  • Searchable & Filterable settings
  • Quick page creation

2. Social Media Plugin

Having the best social media sharing plugin for WordPress, Monarch, Divi takes your social sharing to the next level by placing the sharing buttons in 5 different locations.

This plugin has a clean yet customizable design where you could choose the shapes, colors, and hover effects of the buttons. This is a distinctive quality of the Divi theme!

3. Marketing Tools

Divi theme offers a bunch of marketing tools to tweak your presence in front of your competitors.

Email Optin – You have the option to build your email subscribers easily through its email opt-in module, Bloom. Just create custom fields to build segmented lists or use pre-made templates to collect information from your subscribers. This GDPR compliant lead generation plugin for WordPress has 6 different display types to convert visitors into loyal followers. Bloom can be integrated with 19 different email marketing software.

Pricing Tables – If you have a sales page for your business product, then it is a useful element to make appealing pricing tables to boost product sales.

Contact Form – You have a wide range of design options to create the custom contact form and stay communicate with your audience.

A/B Split Testing – This unique feature of Divi is to boost the conversion by picking the best design that yields the results.

FAQ – Astra Vs Divi Theme

Is Divi better than the Astra theme?

Yes, when it comes to complete design control and in-built page builder, Divi is the direct winner. However, if you are a beginner who are looking for the super-fast, SEO-optimized theme that can easily be customized with the WordPress editor, then your choice should be Astra theme.

Who wins the battle – Divi Vs Astra Speed?

When we compare the swiftness, Astra is the champion because of its lightweight nature. Divi theme is somewhat bulk because of containing Divi builder and other plugins for the design control.

Does the Astra theme support Divi?

Yes, the Astra theme can be customized using the Divi builder.

Divi Or Astra 2021 – My Final Words

Glad I used to get several opportunities to use the top WordPress themes like Divi and Astra for my clients. As I’m dealing with both the settings options and exploring their innovative features, I can clearly convey my viewpoint about Divi and Astra.

When I design the site using the Divi theme, I spend more time to see the final design that my clients actually look for. Because I need to utilize several customization choices and work on the speed optimization part to make the site attractive and faster.

In simple words, Divi consumes my quality time but allows me to make the tailored site design that can win the readers’ hearts. Also, Divi can do better than the GeneratePress theme.

On the other hand, Astra Pro is more comfortable for me to work along with the page builder like Elementor Pro. Its settings options are straight-forward and there is no need to work for the site loading speed. Designing the site with Astra is my cup of tea that I always like to do.

So, here is my conclusion!

If you are looking for a proficient theme with detailed settings preferences, impressive ready-to-use layouts, and massive functionalities to build the noticeable business site for high user engagement, then go with Divi as you will be able to move to the next level to achieve the dazzling site design.

If you want to create an appealing site with lightning-fast loading capability, then your pick should be Astra theme as it offers smart features, fantastic layouts, and affordable pricing plans which are suitable even for the novice.

I hope this Divi Vs Astra comparison piece of content has helped you get the right one of your choice. Which WordPress theme would you like to buy? Do you have any questions? If yes, please shoot them in the comment section, I’ll answer your queries.

by Sakthi
Sakthi is a thoughtful guy who specializes in WordPress Setup & Design. He is interested in designing the functional & attractive WordPress themes for the Digital marketers & Bloggers and helping them attain their goals with a tailored site. Look his ThemeForest Portfolio.

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