9 Magnificient WordPress Migration Plugins To Move Your Site Safely To New host


Are you looking for the best WordPress migration plugin 2020 for the easiest file transfer process to do on your own?

If you say YES, then this post is for you!

I have spent some quality time to pick some fantastic resources that will let you move the files without any downtime issues.

Moving the WordPress website from one host to another is a hectic task, and of course, it can be troublesome when you don’t know how to get started. What if I told you moving a website can be a cakewalk, and everything can be done within a few clicks. 

It is very much possible, all thanks to the migration plugins, these resources make the migration of website hassle-free. If you are changing the domain name or hosting or even cloning your site, a robust migration plugin can make the process super simple.

The internet is filled with many options, you can opt for free as well as paid migration plugins. The choice is yours, based on your needs and features, opt for the best without burning a big hole in your pocket.

Before getting into the best WordPress migration plugin list, I would like to tell you something interesting about the file transfer process on your own and that too without involving any technical tasks.

A couple of years back, we were looking for ways to do the site migration on our own. At that time, we came to know about the Cloudways managed hosting that lets us do everything by ourselves.

Then we have decided to move our files to them, and the process was just a piece of cake. Within an hour, we have done the server migration process through their dedicated plugin, Cloudways WordPress Migrator.

I have written a detailed guide on how to execute the migration procedure, and you may have a look and get the same to tweak your website performance and do better than your competitors.

Without further ado, let’s get int to the details of some excellent add-ons to migrate your WordPress site easily.

9 Best Server Migration Plugins For WordPress

If there is a data loss during the server migration process, then you will mess up your WordPress website. Check the list of plugins that migrate WordPress site to a new host in 2020 and beyond.

1. Duplicator (Free and Premium)

When we say the best WordPress migration plugin 2020, Duplicator tops the chart. It is a one-stop solution for effective WordPress backups and file moving tasks. At this time, it has more than 1 million active installations that show their reputation.

You can use the same plugin to migrate your WordPress website from one hosting provider to another. The overall processing in super fast and safe. You will experience zero downtime during the migration process. The free version is excellent for beginners 

If you got the budget of $49 then it is best to opt for the premium version of Duplicator WordPress plugin. The premium version lets you access the cPanel from the installer, you also get regular backups and access to a wide array of cloud storage like Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, and a lot more. 

Top Features Of Duplicator

  • Super fast and safe
  • Premium version provides access to cPanel
  • Zero downtime during migration 
  • Excellent to migrate WordPress website
  • The premium plan offers access to cloud storages

Install Duplicator Plugin Now

2. Backupbuddy (Premium)

If you are looking for a server migration plugin with excellent features, then Backupbuddy is the ideal choice. This premium migration plugin for WordPress is loaded with brilliant features like an automatic scheduled backup.

You can get back up every day, weekly, or even monthly as per your requirement. Once you have the backup ready, it is convenient to migrate the website. Additionally, Backupbuddy offers excellent cloud storage to safely store the backup data in various platforms like Dropbox, Rack space cloud, etc. You can directly send the backup to your preferred email ID. 

The lifetime license of Backupbuddy is available for $80 to $199. Based on your requirements, you can opt for the right premium plan. With the premium plan, you get access to support forums, regular updates, 1GB of storage space and restore features.

Top Features Of Backupbuddy

  • Lifetime license starts from $80 to $199
  • Perfect website for migration, create a duplicate and restore
  • 1 GB storage space for data
  • Cloud storage facilities 
  • Schedules backups

Buy Backupbuddy Plugin Now

3. WP Migrate DB (Free)

WP Migrate DB is a unique migration plugin for WordPress that does not export the files but the entire database of the website is exported to your system as a SQL folder.  The same extension is used to import the files to the desired hosting provider or domain. This plugin has the capability to replace the URLs of your website’s database automatically. 

Using WP Migrate DB, you can effortlessly get rid of any unwanted data from your website, it can be spam, comments, or even old content. In addition to it, WP Migrate DB plugin stores the cache data, and you can replicate the migration process on any domain or host of your choice.

This best WordPress transfer plugin is available for free and premium as well. The premium plan of WP Migrate DB is available for $90 which enables you to migrate the website in one single click from your dashboard, and you will get priority email support.

Top Features Of WP Migrate DB

  • Single click migration using the Premium version
  • Stores cache data which can be used multiple times
  • Exports the database instead of files
  • Get rid of old posts, comments, and spam
  • Get files in the form of files

Download WP Migrate DB Now

4. Updraftplus (Premium)

It is the simplest plugin to migrate a WordPress site. With this robust migration plugin, you can migrate the website in just a few minutes. The “search and replace” function makes everything seamless and super fast.

The premium version of the UpdraftPlus plugin allows the installation of any number of websites. Migration and cloning are also hassle-free. This powerful tool automatically cleans the old website from the database.

The UpdraftPlus comes with 60 days’ support and you can enjoy the service for 12 months. The price of the premium version starts from $30, and the complete package is available for $70 each year.

Top Features Of UpdraftPlus Migrator

  • Hassle-free cloning and migration of your site
  • Responsive 60 days of support
  • Easy to use “search and replace” function
  • $70 package provides access to 1 GB of storage space.
  • Install an unlimited number of websites

Get Updraftplus Migrator Plugin

5. All in One WP Migration (Free)

It is a free WordPress migration plugin that is primarily focused on providing a hassle-free file transfer process of the website to a new domain or hosting provider.

The All in One WP migration provides the database as well as file migration, and the best part is it is combined with all hosting providers. You can export or import the data in less than 5 seconds. 

Even if the host has some uploading restriction, you can still migrate with All in One WP Migration. If you prefer to change the domain name, then this migration plugin is a perfect choice. This server migration plugin for WordPress has more than 2 million active installations till now.

The All in One WP migration is available for free of cost, and it supports up to 512 MB size of data, if the final size is larger, then you must opt for the unlimited version. The cost of the unlimited extension is available for $59, and you can migrate your website to the cloud storage.

Top Features Of All-In-One WP Migration

  • The free version supports site size of up to 512 MB
  • Both database and file moving are possible
  • Suitable for all hosting providers
  • With unlimited cost, you can get more sites of a bigger size
  • Hassle-free migration

Download All-in-one WP Migration Now

6. Super Backup and Clone (Premium)

This is a premium migration plugin for WordPress which comes with numerous features like automatic backup, restoration, the addition of a new database. You can assign the backup interval as per your preference. Everything is fast, safe, and secured all thanks to the cloud connection. 

The premium plan is available for $35 where you get access to free updates, support for six months. If you wish to extend the support to 1 year, you need to pay $11 as additional charges. The extended plan is available for $190 where you can access additional premium features like email services and 12 months of developer support. 

Top Features Of Super Backup And Clone

  • Automatic backup service
  • The premium plan starts from $35 with free update and support
  • Secured cloud connection 
  • Effortless migration and restoration
  • You will get full control over what files get migrated

Buy Super Backup and Clone

7. Migrate Guru (Free)

Migrate Guru is an easy to use premium WordPress migration plugin that processes the database on its server. You can move 1 GB of data in just 30 minutes and use this same plugin to move a considerable database of up to 200 GB. 

The best part about this WordPress migration plugin is, there are zero risks of data loss during the migration process. You can use the functions of Migrate Guru, and you need not pay anything even for the paid add ons.

The user gets information about the updates regularly via email. The migration process can be tracked as per your convenience. This WordPress migrator has a free version with all the essential features and you can do the more extensive site migrations as well.

Top Features Of Migrate Guru

  • Crashproof and hassle-free migrations.
  • 80% faster migration speed
  • Effortlessly migrate sites of any size
  • Easy one-click migration
  • Completely compatible with all hosts

Install Migrate Guru Plugin Now

8. WPBackItUp (Premium)

The WPBackItUp is a premium option to migrate the website from one hosting or domain to another. This excellent migration plugin for WordPress offers unlimited backups, restores, and migration of the site. The single-click restore option is effortless to use.

With the help of WPBackItUp, you can schedule the backup and even clone websites. The WPBackItUp is available in 3 plans and starts from $79 to $199 each year.

Top Features Of WPBackItUp

  • Single click web migration.
  • 3 specially curated plans
  • Scheduled backup with regular updates
  • Responsive technical support
  • The perfect option for the cloning of websites

Get WPBackItUp Plugin Now

9. VaultPress (Free & Premium)

VaultPress is available for free as well as the premium version and is a trusted option for WordPress migration. It provides smart backup and highly secured migration without any data loss. 

Once you get the backup ready, cloning of the site is hassle-free with the VaultPress migration plugin. There is a smart feature called file scanning which automatically detects and removes the virus, malware which can damage the website. 

Top Features Of ValutPress

  • Complete file scanning to get rid of viruses and malware.
  • Effortlessly site migration, backups, and restoring.
  • Robust security features
  • Smart plans at an affordable price
  • Spam defense protects SEO

Download ValutPress Now

Wrapping Up

How to transfer web hosting from one company to another on my own? – It is frequently asked question by the WordPress users.

I should admit that most of the hosting providers the website migration service for free; however, you may have to wait for the transfer process to be completed as they work on a priority basis.

And it is the reason, most of the site owners would like to perform the file moving process by themselves. If you are also looking for the same, you can implement this procedure without having any technical knowledge; just a plugin will do the magic!

However, have it in mind – If something goes wrong, then you end up losing your precious data. It is a must to do every step carefully, especially taking the complete backup before beginning migration. And, you may use any one of the above-mentioned best WordPress migration plugin to move your files to the new host safely.

by Nirmala
Nirmala is an avid blogger, WordPress enthusiast who has been blogging since 2010. She loves to write useful WP tips & tricks on this active blog.

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  1. Hello mam, you explained very well.

    There is a better option move our WordPress website from old host new host by Experts is by taking hosting from companies like WPX hosting, Siteground. These hosts are offering free migration service. This is one option also.

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    • Yes, most of the hosting companies offer the site migration for Free, but if we have several websites, then it would be better to do the job by ourself. In Cloudways hosting, we can do move the files in minutes. We have done it easily, no technical stuff involved. Thanks for adding your comment here.

  2. Thanks, mam you explained this very well. I am thinking to move my website to Siteground hosting and after reading your article now I am confident about this. Your article really helped me a lot.

  3. Okay. This is something well explanatory article.
    Next week, I am going to migrate my website from Godaddy. Will you please recommend any hosting as per your experience?

  4. Okay. This is something well explanatory article.
    Next week, I am going to migrate my website from Godaddy. Will you please recommend any hosting as per your experience?

    • Yes! Cloudways is the best managed hosting for WordPress. We are using the same since 2017. We didn’t experience any difficulties till now and yes, we are improving a lot in the SERPs. Go with Cloudways, you can do the migration on your own with the help of their plugin. If you feel difficult, then let me know, I can guide you for the site migration to Cloudways.


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